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2015 MLMS Cohort 3: Claiming Your Champions' Vision Identity: Definitive Action Steps

Oct 15, 2015 12:00pm

Standard: $99.00


Specifically designed for seasoned and well experienced managers who have a track record of proven delivery, results, and success in their organization. The “Maintaining Upward Trajectory for Exceeding Vision Driven Expectations” module is for mid-level managers who need to actively sustain their already acknowledged “vision to mission to achieving success” capacity in their industry by expanding their managerial reach and global competitiveness. This is both attitude and practice as preparation in advance of a potential future leadership role. The skill building involves the intersecting of core values, core purpose and business/organizational goals for early career mid-level managers who need to meet and exceed expectations.

As a seasoned mid-level manager you are expected to understand how to excel in multiple areas of conducting business. The imprint of your vision identity needs to align seamlessly with your growing executive presence, strategic thinking, implementation capacity, and ability to read and navigate cultural terrain intricately. All of this needs to come together for you to hit a consistently very high performance level of leadership effectiveness.

Result: Add to your insights—skill, presence of mind, and purpose to continuously exceed vision for success at a new level.


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