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2015 MLMS Cohort 3: Sustaining a World Class Vision for Ongoing Success

Oct 14, 2015 12:00pm

Standard: $99.00


Specifically designed for seasoned and well experienced managers who have a track record of proven delivery, results, and success in their organization. The “Maintaining Upward Trajectory for Exceeding Vision Driven Expectations” module is for mid-level managers who need to actively sustain their already acknowledged “vision to mission to achieving success” capacity in their industry by expanding their managerial reach and global competitiveness. This is both attitude and practice as preparation in advance of a potential future leadership role. The skill building involves the intersecting of core values, core purpose and business/organizational goals for early career mid-level managers who need to meet and exceed expectations.

In a practical manner you will be coached and guided toward how to meet challenges and opportunities of continuously exceeding vision-driven expectations in business work. The objective is to enhance your execution skill for the delivery of best in class results or outcomes. It is important as a high achiever for you to support and grow your piece of the enterprise as a community of engaged people who all benefit from shared vision success.

Result: Gain necessary skills to identify and manage tensions related to sharing and shaping a vision for business outcomes.


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