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2015 MLMS Cohort 1: Essential Tools and Techniques for Building a Vision

Oct 10, 2015 12:00pm

Standard: $99.00


These sessions are designed and intended for early career managers with a short amount of time and experience in their managerial role. The “Initiating and Maintaining Vision to Achieve Future Success” module focuses on how to strategize to organize, build and communicate effectively both to and with others as acquired new managerial capacity. The skill building involves the intersecting of core values, core purpose and business/organizational goals for early career mid-level managers who need to meet and exceed expectations.

Having a well-developed vision is in many ways your signature. It is how you will be viewed and known by others in your organization. Explore and apply components of vision making that include how to frame a compelling idea or picture while considering what is feasible and attainable. You will also understand the role of communication, and how to translate it to action.

Result: Gain insights and skills that extend key facets of your vision building capacity.


  • Darryl Simon, President & Founder, Vantage Growth Strategic Advisors

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