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Managing Up- Work at increasing YOUR perceived value

Michael Hyter
Senior Client Partner and Managing Director, Korn Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting


One of the most consistent topics of conversation deals with the relationship we have with our manager. Working for someone is complex because you are accountable to that person and your manager has the responsibility to evaluate your performance. Managers come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. For the most part, we rarely have the opportunity to select them, they’re assigned to [Read More...]

4 Ways Leaders Block D&I Progress (Without Even Knowing It)

Tara Jaye Frank
Corporate Culture Advisor, Hallmark Cards, Inc.


This may be the most important article I write this year - a culmination of insight gleaned from observations, research, experts, and experience. Because I know you’re bombarded with content every day, I thought I’d take time to package these insights, in hopes of shedding light on a topic frequently discussed, but only partially understood. What’s more, I hope you're inspired to think differently about your personal opportunity to accelerate change. [Read More...]

Leaders, Watch What You Say. People Might Believe You

Tara Jaye Frank
Corporate Culture Advisor, Hallmark Cards, Inc.


Earlier this week, while in an airport security line behind a young mom and her two year-old son, I had an a-ha moment. The boy was in a stage I simply adore - curious, expressive, and completely oblivious to the social limitations we adults have come to expect and instinctively abide by.

"Ryan James" wanted to push his rolling car seat by himself, and he wielded it at new angles until he successfully maneuvered around the corners and between the ropes. His mom whispered for him to keep still, but he would have none of that. I smiled at the boy and casually stated, "You're so smart." He responded with [Read More...]